The Mental Wrangles Drug and Alcohol Abuse Creates in Families

It is indeed an extremely nerve-wracking situation to have someone from the family into any kind of substance abuse, then be it drug abuse or alcohol abuse. The habit does take a toll on the whole family, and we do not mean only the part of the family that lives in the substance abuser in the same house.

The whole extended family has to face the brunt. The parents of the person may be living away, but there will definitely be a social finger pointed at that singling them out as the reason for the person’s addiction because lack of love and support during his or her younger day. Ex-husbands and ex-wives are commonly held at fault too – “You broke off with him, and the depression drove him to drink.” Things like these are very commonly heard.With the situation outside the house simmering in this manner, it can only be imagined what the situation must be like in the house the person lives. The immediate members of the family have to answer two contradicting emotions at once. On one hand, they want to blame the person about the ruin that his or her habit has brought to the house, both financially and socially. But on the other hand, they want the person back into their fold. There is judgmental behavior as well as sympathy, and families don’t know which behavior they must bring to the fore.

That is why substance abuse treatment centers counsel not only the victim but also the family. There is a great emphasis laid on whole family treatment rather than just individual treatment when it comes to drug abuse. The focus is on teaching families the right way to deal with the patient, considering all their problems, so that the best solution can be arrived at.