Marijuana Drug Addiction Treatment Through Marijuana Anonymous


Marijuana Anonymous is a support group that works at addressing problems of people who suffer from a marijuana drug addiction and guide them on a proper method of recovery.

The program is based on the 12 Step Treatment Program used in Alcoholics Anonymous, though the spirituality aspect present in the Alcoholics Anonymous Program is missing in the marijuana addiction treatment program. These 12 steps are actually 12 questions that the person is supposed to ask of themselves to find out if they have a marijuana addiction.The following are the twelve questions that the person must find answers to. If the answers are affirmative to any of these questions then the person is put actively into the support treatment program where remedial measures are formulated. The following are the 12 questions:-

 Has the fun and excitement gone out of using marijuana currently?
 Do you ever feel like you should use marijuana and experience the high when you are alone?
 Do you find it difficult to think of a life without marijuana in it?
 Is your selection of friends influenced by your marijuana habit?
 Do you get back to using marijuana when you feel realize your problems and feel depressed?
 Have you ever used marijuana to address your emotions?
 Do you think the use of marijuana forces you to lead a secluded life?
 Do you find it difficult to stick to your resolutions of giving up marijuana?
 Has your use of marijuana created in you problems for concentrating on tasks, remembering things and getting motivated?
 Do you get concerned when your marijuana supply is over?
 Are the things you do in life dependent on your marijuana usage?
 Are the people around you complaining about your marijuana habit?