Various ways of Dealing with a Relapse with Drug Addiction or Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Louisiana

Relapse prevention is indeed the most vital part of an addiction treatment program and the state of Louisiana understands this quite well. The addiction treatment program of Louisiana makes it a point to include a very substantial and comprehensive program for relapse prevention which is implemented quite emphatically for all patients that check in to an alcohol rehab or drug rehab in Louisiana.

Actually, there are many ways in which the relapse prevention program is implemented within the state. The following are some of the approaches:-

1. The first mode is to make the person understand that alcohol addiction or drug addiction treatment is never complete with a mere detox because a relapse may occur. The very fact that there’s a possibility of a relapse helps most people to consciously try to avoid it.
2. The person is made to understand the various risk factors that may bring on a relapse. These risk factors may include going to the same haunts where the addiction happened earlier, meeting with the same kinds of people and hanging out in the same kind of situations. The person is taught how to avoid these risk factors.
3. The person’s family is made an equal participator in these programs. They are made to understand how to cope with this situation and how to assist the person in relapse prevention.
4. Both the person’s family and the person himself or herself are trained in what they must do were a relapse to happen in reality. They are told what treatment services they may take.
5. Another vital aspect of addiction treatment in Louisiana is to make the person involved in some kind of socially constructive activity that would take the person’s mind away from substance abuse or alcoholism so that the chances of a relapse are mitigated.