Understanding Alcohol Rehab and Alcohol Detox Program in South Carolina

Alcohol rehab and alcohol detox are the two main ways in which alcohol addiction treatment in South Carolina are performed. The alcohol rehab program is the more extensive treatment program, while the alcohol detox program is a part of the alcohol rehab. Let us see what the nature and scope of these two programs are for the state of South Carolina.

Alcohol Detox Program in South Carolina

The alcohol detox program in South Carolina is usually the first most important step of the alcohol addiction treatment. This is a biological treatment process in which the person is made to abstain from alcohol so that his or her body can return to the naturally pure self as it was before the addiction happened. This is definitely a difficult task to perform, but under strict clinical approaches and medical supervision, this is undertaken. A typical alcohol detox in South Carolina can last from three to seven days.

Alcohol Rehab Program in South Carolina

The alcohol rehab program in South Carolina is an extended form of treatment which begins with the detox program and is an ongoing treatment process after that. The person is first made to stay in an inpatient facility where the detox is undertaken. After this, the person is subjected to several therapies including group therapy, individual therapy and family therapy in order to improve various aspects of the person’s addiction and bring him or her completely back to a normal way of living. Maintenance medication is also provided. The total rehab program in South Carolina can even last up to a year.