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The Ugly Side of NY-Drug Addiction and Alcohol Addiction in New York

The state of New York is certainly the most popular state of America on a global scale, and it also contains some of the greatest advancements of the world in all fields. But the fact that the state is so sophisticated and advanced does not mean that there are no vices in it. In fact, major issues like alcoholism and drug addiction in New York are certainly the matter of very great concern.

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Drug Rehab Treatment Resources-Who Must be Counseled in a Drug Addiction Treatment?

Most people think that the counseling part of a drug addiction treatment program is only for the patient. Though the patient is definitely counseled quite emphatically during drug addiction treatment, it is not the only counseling that is done in such a program.

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Substance Absue Treatment-It can Save Drug Abusers from a Life of Crime


We hear so much about drug addicts becoming criminals and criminals being drug addicts that two terms seem to be mostly synonymous. What is it with substance abuse that makes people to resort to a life of crime?

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