The Ugly Side of NY-Drug Addiction and Alcohol Addiction in New York

The state of New York is certainly the most popular state of America on a global scale, and it also contains some of the greatest advancements of the world in all fields. But the fact that the state is so sophisticated and advanced does not mean that there are no vices in it. In fact, major issues like alcoholism and drug addiction in New York are certainly the matter of very great concern.

New York has a population of 20 million people, approximately. Out of these people, a very significant number, 300,000 check in to various rehab centers of New York each year. This is a very huge figure, one that keeps the hands of most alcohol and drug rehab centers in New York full throughout the year. If you want to find a place for yourself here, you may need to book several weeks in advance.

Alcohol addiction in New York is the largest of all forms of addictions, pegged at 28% of the total addicted population of the state. After alcohol addiction, a sizeable number of people are addicted to heroin in New York. In fact, from every 5 people who check in for alcohol and drug rehab in New York, 1 is a heroin addict. Closely following on the heels of heroin addiction are cocaine addiction and marijuana addiction.

It is really no wonder that New York has launched such a strong awareness campaign for both alcohol addiction and drug addiction. Relentless efforts in this direction are very slowly, but surely, mitigating the viciousness of the condition.