When Does a Drug Addiction Intervention Program Really Get Over


Frankly speaking, a good and reputable drug addiction intervention program will never get over. It will continue as a lifetime treatment if necessary, because it can never be ascertained that a treated drug addict will never fall back into the habit again.

Drug addiction intervention starts at the very beginning of the treatment cycle. The interventionists will take the help of family and friends to convince the drug addict that he or she needs to return back to sober living, become healthy and contribute fruitfully in the household and for his or her own welfare. The main intention is to get the drug addict to voluntarily accept some method of drug treatment. This in itself is a very difficult process, but with the help of family and friends, the interventionists do manage it.

The second part of the intervention is also very crucial. This starts when the person is into the program and continues well after the treatment program is over. On the face of it, this appears to be counseling, but it is much more than that. The interventionists will provide the encouragement necessary for the patient to go through the detox, which might bring in painful withdrawal symptoms. They will also counsel the patient to go through the entire treatment procedure, which includes medicinal and holistic methods.

When the person is out of the treatment center, the interventionists will have several regular sessions with the person just in order to counsel the patient on how not to fall back into the habit again. At every step of the intervention procedure, the support of the family and friends of the patient is of utmost importance.