What will an Alcohol Detox or Drug Detox Program in Virginia Depend Upon?

Virginia uses drug and alcohol detox as very prominent parts of its overall addiction treatment program. People who are looking forward to an addiction treatment in Virginia can expect to spend anywhere from three days to ten days or even more in a detox center.

The actual length of time the person will spend in the detox center in Virginia will depend on a number of factors. The following are some of the points that the healthcare experts will consider before planning your detox program.1. The nature of the addiction is the most important determining factor. While there is no basic difference between alcohol detox and drug detox in Virginia, the length and intensity of the detox program will depend on how well the person’s body has tolerated the substance. If there are marked health complications, then the person will need to be put into an aggressive detoxification program.
2. The length of time the person has been into the addiction will also influence the severity of the detox program in Virginia. People who have been longer into the addiction will also have to spend longer time during the detox because they will face more drastic withdrawal symptoms.
3. The history of the patient’s addiction is another determining factor. If the person has been into an addiction treatment program before but didn’t have a detox that time, it becomes compulsory to have it done on the second time. Relapsing patients may or may not be taken for detox, which would depend on the discretion and advice of the healthcare expert treating the patient.