What happens after a Rehab Program for Drug Addiction Treatment in Tennessee?

Contrary to what most people think, there is no definite end to the rehabilitation program in Tennessee. Rehabilitation is an ongoing process, especially when the condition is of drug addiction, for the reason that once a person is into an addiction, there is always the chance of the person falling back into the addiction, even if a detox has been done. Statistics on detox treatment in Tennessee have proved that more than 90% of the people who have a mere detox program without any kind of aftercare treatment will have a relapse in six months following the treatment. When that happens, the treatment becomes almost futile because methods need to be planned again for bringing them out of the dependency.

For that reason, the treatment program in Tennessee has chalked out a very definite aftercare program. Almost every rehab center in Tennessee now insists on some kind of aftercare or the other to their patients, either in an outpatient format, if their condition is alright with it, or in a residential format.

During this aftercare treatment program, the patients are kept on maintenance medication which helps them to keep away the urge of the substance. Also, the people are counseled on the nature of the addiction and why they must stay away. A very important part of the aftercare addiction treatment program in Tennessee is to include the family in the picture. Most centers for drug rehab in Tennessee call in the families of the patients for up to three days for a collective counseling program, which is held within the treatment center.