Treating Drug Addiciton in Utah through the Drug Addiction Treatment Courts


The state of Utah has specific programs for treatment of drug addiction issues through their drug courts. These drug courts for the treatment of drug addiction in Utah are provided funds of 1.6 million dollars on an annual basis to conduct their programs.

There has also been a growth in the number of drug courts, which is a direct response to the growing number of drug addicted population within the state.There are 32 drug court programs in Utah, out of which 16 are funded and 16 are not. There has been a steady increase in the number of people who are seeking benefits of these kinds of treatment. In the year 2005, there were 1,159 people who participated in such a drug addiction treatment program in Utah. Despite that, a large number of people remained unable to use these facilities.

The main job of the drug courts in Utah is to treat the offenders’ drug addiction conditions through medication and counseling. The medication is almost always a detox program in which the person’s body is cleansed from the substances that may have accumulated within because of long years of the addiction and the counseling program that is conducted after the detox is to train the person to live a sober life after the recovery. These kinds of treatments are not done in a general manner; on the contrary, a case to case plan is chalked out for each offender that has opted for being treated for drug addiction in a Utah drug court rather than serving a prison term. The statistics are optimistic too. In 2005, out of all the people who participated in such treatment programs, 61% successfully completed their recovery programs without relapse and 89% showed a significant decrease in their drug use.