The Growing Threat of Methamphetamine and Crystal Meth in New Hampshire

Cases of methamphetamine and crystal meth abuse in New Hampshire are growing by the day. But what’s more alarming is the fact that the victims are getting younger and younger. Till about two years ago, the average age of people who abused methamphetamine in New Hampshire was between 18 and 25 years, but in recent times, the average age is slipping downwards. The substances are becoming accessible to younger people and the day is not far when it will become a common problem in high schools if the issue isn’t taken seriously soon.

Methamphetamine is available in the state mostly through trafficking from the states of California, Colorado, Texas and other west coast states. However, the greatest amount of methamphetamine that comes into the state is from Mexico. This includes the high grade methamphetamine that is available in Mexico. Today, most of the meth addiction in New Hampshire is concentrated around the seacoast region, but it is very fast spreading throughout the state.

But the entire meth problem is not sourced from outside the state. There is a large number of meth labs located in several areas of the state. Even though most of these labs are seized by the authorities, there are still a significant number of them that are operating quite clandestinely. These labs are producing as much as ten pounds of pure meth, known as ice, and distributing them within the nightclubs of the state and other places where the youth frequent.

Methamphetamine is a highly addictive drug and crystal meth is more so. Getting out of this addiction is almost impossible if the addiction is allowed to mature. It is best to take admission into a meth rehab in New Hampshire as early as possible.