Teen Substance Abuse Treatment Programs


Young adults or teens that have substance abuse issue have unique issues that are generally different than that of an adult. Often teens who are addicted to drugs or alcohol require a different style of treatment program than most adults.

Teens use drugs for a variety of reasons, and many of those reasons are unique to being young. Peer pressure, isolation and family issues can all be components of teen drug abuse. Teens that abuse drugs will find just about anyway they can to get high and that can range from inhalants to pills or from alcohol to ecstasy. Teenagers have a sense of invincibility and a lack of comprehension of their consequences that can be very dangerous when they are abusing drugs. Although no to individuals are the same and addiction treatment programs that work for one person may not work for another, studies have shown that teens respond best in peer oriented therapy.  Logically, this makes sense since often they get in to drug use in an attempt to seek peer approval. Teens often need to feel that sense of belonging or common bond with other children their age. Peer therapy provides them with that feeling in a positive and safe environment. It encourages them to develop healthy relationships with sober friends that understand what they are going through.  Naturally there are other elements necessary for adequate recovery, like individualized counseling and medical detox when necessary. That said though looking for a program that offers a peer based approach with other young adults is  usually best.