Substance Abuse and Alcohol Abuse in Rhode Island is Big even if the State is Small!

Let the small size of Rhode Island not fool you into thinking that this state will not have that much of a problem with alcoholism and substance abuse. In fact, the figures on alcohol abuse and substance abuse in Rhode Island are enough to put the statistics of some of the bigger states to shame.

Take a look at what the statistics of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration unearthed when it conducted a study on the extent of drug and alcohol rehab in Rhode Island in 2004. These numbers were revealed by the Treatment Episode Data Set.

It was seen that 12,920 people sought admissions for some kind of addiction treatment in some rehab center in Rhode Island. Considering that the population of Rhode Island in that year was 1,078,930, it meant that 1 in every 83 people required addiction treatment in that year. Now, you can very well estimate how grave this situation is.

A more alarming situation was that 32% of these people sought admissions purely for heroin addiction treatment in Rhode Island. Heroin is one of the deadliest substances that can be abused, and its preponderance in the state indicates how drastic the addiction situation is her. Marijuana addiction treatment stood second at 13.5% and cocaine addiction treatment was at 12%. You must note the difference that lay between heroin addiction treatment and other forms of addiction treatment.

Relatively, people checking in for alcohol addiction in Rhode Island were fewer in number, just about 20.4%. However, this was the number of people who checked in for pure alcohol treatment. There was a much larger number of people who checked in for treatment for alcoholism combined with some other form of addiction.