Help Save a Life With an Intervention

Successful drug and alcohol interventions save lives. It is perhaps one of the most useful things that family and friends can do for a loved one who suffers from addiction.

The goal of an intervention is to get the addict to see that they have a problem and convince them to go to a rehab facility for treatment immediately. Typically, this rehab facility has been chosen by the family ahead of time so that they can leave right away. This way, the addict doesn’t have an opportunity to change their mind.Studies show that interventions are successful the vast majority of the time. Using the help and expertise of a trained interventionist will make the process go much more smoothly. It can mean the difference between whether the meeting is effective or not. With so much at stake, it’s important to use all of the resources that you can at this time. If it’s done correctly, there is the opportunity to get the addict into a treatment center that can give them a chance for a new beginning in life.

Drug and alcohol interventions are not easy. The process of planning out all the details and getting everyone together can be a stressful one, and family members worry about making all of the right decisions. These are usually very emotional events for everyone involved. However, the potential benefits are vast. You just may be providing the opportunity for the addict to save their life. If a loved one suffers from a severe drug addiction or alcoholism, you shouldn’t wait to conduct an intervention. It’s difficult to admit that the problem has gotten so bad, but it will only continue to go downhill if something doesn’t change. The worse the situation gets, the more difficult the entire process from planning to treatment and recovery will be.


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