Employer Intervention Program for Alcohol Abuse in South Carolina

When you first read about an employer intervention program for alcohol treatment, it does sound a bit rough and unconventional at first. This program makes the employer pay for the alcohol treatment of an employee. Now, with rehab bills being what they are, there are many people inclined to empathize with the employers for this point. But, if you look at the larger picture, you will understand that the employer intervention program in South Carolina, or in any other state for that matter, is as beneficial to the employer as it is to the employee.

Look at it this way. How many productive work hours do you think are wasted because of employees coming late or remaining absent because of a previous binge night? And even if they come, you cannot expect them to work at their full potential. Whether you look at these figures in terms of hours or in terms of money, you will understand that the loss is quite significant. Now think, who has to suffer this loss mostly? Yes, you guessed right. It is the employer’s loss most of the time. The major brunt of employee alcohol addiction in South Carolina is definitely felt on the employer.

Then why doesn’t the employer simply fire the employee and hire another? Again, this is for various reasons. One, the employer will have to train the new person all over again, which means digging further into the company’s reserves. Two, an employee who leaves a firm is always a disadvantage especially with the information and company secrets they take with them. Three, it reflects poorly on the turnout rate of the company.

Hence, employee intervention in South Carolina helps both the employers and the employees. This is a very important point to be kept in mind.