Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program for Substance Abuse in Kansas

Of late, the dual diagnosis treatment program in Kansas is becoming quite popular in the field of addiction treatment. Dual diagnosis is a treatment method that employs treatment for two problems at once. Generally, these two problems influence each other. They are such that without treating one of them, the other cannot be cured. Hence, a simultaneous mode of treatment needs to be implemented in order to rid the person of both the problems.

People who are under addiction mainly need dual diagnosis treatment is they have an underlying psychiatric problem too. In the case of dual diagnosis addiction treatment in Kansas, the secondary problem could be a mental disorder such as depression, anxiety disorder, panic disorder, stress disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, etc. It is clear to see why addiction cannot be effectively treated unless these problems are treated too.

The mode of a dual diagnosis drug treatment in Kansas is to first enroll the patient in a detox program. This detox program will make the person biologically cleansed of the addiction. The withdrawal effects are looked into with medical supervision and nursing care. Medication is provided so that the withdrawal can be mitigated. After that, when the withdrawal effects seem to subside completely, the patient is put onto a psychiatric care program. This is where a psychiatrist will check upon the patient to find out what the mental problem underlying the person’s addiction is. This is when the right kind of treatment program will be outlined for the patient.

Dual diagnosis treatment is implemented in Kansas even for people who have problems such as eating disorders, gambling disorders and such along with their basic problem of addiction.