Deciding between Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment Program in Mississippi for Drug Abuse

Drug abuse mostly deserves an inpatient treatment program, but there are times when a person would want to consider an outpatient program if it is available. Since both the inpatient as well as the outpatient treatment programs is available for addiction treatment in Mississippi, the dilemma here is more rampant. Now, here are some questions you must ask yourself that would help you decide whether an inpatient of an outpatient substance abuse treatment in Mississippi would be good for you.

1. Ask yourself how well you can tackle the addiction problem yourself. Do you think you will be determined enough to carry out the addiction treatment program without constant monitoring? If yes, then you can get into the outpatient program. But if you think you will need constant care, then naturally an inpatient program is the one for you.
2. How long have you been under the addiction? For long term addictions, detox becomes necessary and outpatient would do nothing to solve this problem.
3. Do you have any health problems already? If the addiction is showing up physically or even mentally, you need to get into an inpatient treatment program because there will surely be withdrawal symptoms that you will not be able to handle yourself. The addiction treatment program in Mississippi suggests that people with health complications must seek inpatient treatment.
4. Have you been in a treatment program in Mississippi before for your addiction? If you have, then you will not be permitted to enter an outpatient program.