How long does one have to spend in an Alcohol Rehab or Drug Rehab in Idaho?

The length of time that one spends in an alcohol rehab or drug rehab in Idaho depends on several factors. Some people are out of these rehab centers immediately after their detox programs which could last anywhere between three and seven days, while others will need to go in for complete addiction treatment with an aftercare counseling program which could go on for a very long period of time. Maintenance treatment coupled with aftercare counseling could make the program stretch to up to a year.

However, there are several individual and case based factors that will determine how long you will be in the treatment program in Idaho. Since the programs can be of merely three days or even up to a year in duration, you need to know about these factors. What’s more important is that you should recognize the fact that the longer you are in an addiction treatment program in Idaho, the more sustainable your addiction treatment will be, and the lower will your chances of a relapse be.

The factors on which the length of treatment for drug and alcohol abuse in Idaho are as follows:-

  • Your own determination in keeping up with abstinence of the substance,
  • The treatment program you have selected,
  • The intensity of your addiction in terms of the time for which you have been using the substance,
  • The nature of the substance being abused,
  • Other health complications you may have,
  • The support you get from your friends, and many more.