Treatment Program for Teen Alcohol Abuse in Connecticut

Connecticut suffers from a major problem of teen alcohol abuse. Eighty percent of teenagers have their first drink of alcohol even before they pass out from their high school. In addition, there is the very drastic situation of binge drinking that has become a huge problem in the state. Teenagers who binge drink have five or more drinks in a single session and most of them pass out during these sessions only to wake up hours later, physically and mentally drained. These and other such problems are exacerbating the situation of alcohol abuse in Connecticut among the teenagers.

But at the same time, the addiction treatment program in Connecticut has planned out specific measures to tackle the issue of teen alcohol abuse. The most significant point is the establishment of centers for alcohol rehab in Connecticut that are targeted specially for the younger people. These centers provide extensive counseling therapies for youth so that they may understand what addiction is all about and get encouraged for recovery. The program is also about training young people into improving their social life so that they can come out their addicted life and lead better, sober lives.

The teen alcohol rehab treatment in Connecticut is extremely important because if these young people are allowed to go on with their alcohol abuse then they may continue with other forms of addiction once they are used to the high that alcohol produces. This may manifest itself in marijuana addiction, which may go on to develop into cocaine and heroin addiction even. The alcohol rehab program in Connecticut tries to nip this problem in the bud.