The Subtle Benefits of a Family Intervention in Drug Addiction Treatment

A great lot has been said and written about how important it is for family intervention to be present in a drug addiction treatment. The most obvious benefit of this kind of intervention is that the family has the highest potential to encourage the person to realize that something is wrong with him or her (which is, the addiction) and that treatment must be sought for the same.

This is something that only the family can exhort the drug addict to do. However, this is not the only benefit that family intervention has in a drug addiction treatment program.When the drug addict knows that his or her family has come together to intervene in the treatment, it’s a great feeling for them. They begin feeling wanted once again (it must be noted here that most addicts become addicts because of a sense of loneliness). This gives them the drive to go ahead with the treatment, because they know, someone cares. They can even face the difficult withdrawal period because of this feeling of belongingness.

A not so subtle benefit is that the person stands to be discharged early from an inpatient addiction rehabilitation program if an understanding family is out there to welcome and guide the person to a healthy life. This cuts down on the misery enormously.

The right kind of drug addiction intervention can certainly make the treatment of the addict faster and much more effective. In fact, it is very difficult for a drug addict to wean away from the addiction without proper intervention and support.