The Painful Side of Drug Addiction

Many drug addicts use their drug of choice and they have heard that their drug is dangerous. Any drug can be dangerous – whether it is a “street” drug or a prescription drug that you are abusing.

When you put drugs in your body that are not supposed to be there, you are ingesting a substance that can harm your system. It may also kill you.A drug can kill you at any time. The drug addict feels that they are in charge of their addiction somehow. That they can “control” in, when ironically – they are completely controlled by their addiction. The drug addiction runs their life. They wake up in the morning thinking about their drug and it is the very last thing they think about when they go to sleep at night. That drug is in every breath they take, it is literally like oxygen. However, unlike oxygen – the drug addiction is so harmful. There are many side affects to drug addition and abuse. The most serious side affect is that the drugs can kill you.

Drugs often affect people physically, emotionally and mentally. The drugs affect you emotionally as they change your moods. If you take a depressant type of drug such as marijuana or alcohol – your mood will be depressed. You may feel sad or in a low type of mood. If you take a stimulant such as cocaine – your mood will be elevated but you will not feel happy. Instead, it will take you to a higher place often of feeling manic or very anxious. You may feel like you can do everything and race around when actually you are not doing very much of anything. These drugs all have a heightening affect on your emotional state. So whatever you are feeling now, you will wind up feeling it in a stronger way with the depressed or more elevated mood added in.

Mentally drug abuse affects you in many ways. It literally changes the way your brain chemistry works. Many drugs affect your brain’s concentration and focus. By using drugs, you are damaging the brainpower that you already have. While you may feel strong sensations using drugs, you do not have stronger intelligence. You are just experiencing the affects of the substance abuse.