Prescription Drug Abuse in Massachusetts – A Significant Part of the Substance Abuse Problem in the State

Massachusetts already has its problems with the usual suspects such as cocaine, heroin and marijuana and most recently methamphetamine and crystal meth, just like other states of the union, but what is also adding to this problem is the vast usage of prescription drugs in recent times. A lot of people in Massachusetts are taking in to these prescription drugs, especially younger populations, with the very fallacious notion that prescription drugs are less harmful than the commonly used narcotic drugs. In fact, people who are not courageous enough to try drugs like cocaine, heroin and marijuana have no qualms in getting into a habit of OxyContin or Suboxone. Not knowing the gravity of the problem they are getting into, most of these people begin their journey towards a point of no return. Prescription drug usage has today become a very significant point in the whole scene of substance abuse in Massachusetts.

OxyContin is the most widely abused prescription drug in Massachusetts today. This drug is prescribed as a pain reliever in case of chronic pains such as those of cancers. But, the drug is a habit forming drug, and it is not surprising if people begin faking prescriptions to get at the drug. Trends of drug addiction in Massachusetts suggest that people who are hooked onto OxyContin may soon get into a heroin abuse if the drug is accessible to them.

Methadone is another popular drug that is abused in Massachusetts. Ironically, this drug is used in the heroin addiction treatment in Massachusetts and in other states, but it is a habit forming drug in itself.