Measures used by the Authorities to curb Alcohol Abuse and Drug Abuse in Texas


The government of Texas has implemented various disciplinary measures to ensure that the problem of drug and alcohol abuse does not become any more serious than it already is. These methods are employed at various levels and are targeted to people across the age groups.

Lately, the state has put more stringent plans into place in order to solve these issues. The following is a list of the measures that are being employed currently to mitigate the problem of alcohol and drug abuse in Texas:-1. The state of Texas is redesigning its Medicaid plan so that it can include cover for brief intervention programs, primary care and help for women in specific settings. This will allow more people of Texas to approach the healthcare institutes for their drug or alcohol related issues.
2. Students who get disciplinary raps for alcohol and drug abuse in Texas will now be treated more strictly, with notices to inform their parents of these disciplinary actions. This will help the parents to better monitor their children’s activities in the future.
3. Students who have been apprehended for violation of rules for alcohol abuse or drug abuse in Texas on state funded college campuses will now be compulsorily made to undergo short intervention programs to understand the gravity of the problem and get some treatment options.
4. Drivers along the roads in Texas will have to encounter sobriety checkpoints in various areas. This is an attempt at reducing the large number of DUI offenses that happen in Texas.
5. People who opt for drug courts will now have to pay a $50 fee to the drug court when accepting that option. This is an attempt to create additional funds for the drug courts.