Physical and Mental Approaches to Drug Rehab


Drug rehab programs are rather particular – no one drug rehab program will work the same way for two people. It requires a mix of physical treatment (ie withdrawal, detox and so forth) and psychological treament, which is cognitive-behavioral therapy most likely.

When you visit a center for drug detox or drug counseling, make sure to ask the staff any question you may have. Their attitude and response will help you determine whether it’s the right rehab program. Find out what they focus on more – drug detox or drug counseling.People with deep-seated emotional and psycological issues need a drug rehab program that’s more geared to unlearning harmful behaviors, whereas those with a simple physical dependency will need drug detox more. Drug detox is the stage that all drug rehab programs go through at first, and whichever is more needed, that’s what you should go with. Also find out if there is an outpatient program available. If a schedule is too busy to allow for inpatient treatment you can look for an outpatient program where a drug rehab program counselor and physician will visit you or schedule regular appointments.

Drug detox, the physical part of drug rehab, is difficult and ardous because of how the drug affects the body and brain, but there is round-the-clock nursing care for drug detox patients. They have a wide knowledge of drug detox procedure, and can provide the best care and treatment during the process, before beginning drug counseling.

Drug counseling is used in drug rehab centers to help patients learn to cope with the stressors that brought the addiction on. Part of the drug counseling curicculum teaches drug addicts how to deal with outside situations that may trigger, such as being approached by a friend. The majority of patients go through inpatient and outpatient programs to combat their addiction, and can speak of the effectiveness of a strong outpatient or followup program to help them avoid slipping back into old habits.


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