Locating Meetings for Alcoholics Anonymous for People with Alcohol Abuse and Alcohol Addiction in West Virginia

If you are looking for an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting anywhere within the state of West Virginia, things are quite simple for you. There are many ways in which you can locate a meeting that’s happening near you.

1. You can contact your local Alcoholics Anonymous center if you want to find the venues and the timings of local meetings. Since this is a world organization, visiting the website won’t help you, but you can easily locate your local center by contacting the helpline for alcoholism and substance abuse in West Virginia.
2. Alternatively, you can check out most churches within the state. Though Alcoholics Anonymous is an irreligious and apolitical organization, it does display information through some church notice boards and notice boards of other religious organizations because there are many people in attendance there who need support.
3. There is an answering service for USA and Canada where you can call and ask on information about an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. These answering services are accessible to people who are looking for getting help on alcohol addiction in West Virginia. You will find a link to this answering service on the website of Alcoholics Anonymous.
4. Even if you are just passing by, you are allowed to attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting for help on alcohol abuse in West Virginia. You will have to contact the regional directories where you will get information on the meetings and how you can attend them.

Alcoholics Anonymous is the world’s largest support group for treating alcohol addiction. West Virginia has made sure it takes the most benefits of their programs.