How Substance Abuse Affects your Friends


Substance abuse is a problem that can do one of two things; it can be hidden from friends, or it can be obvious. Either way, friends will notice that something isn’t quite right.

When someone with a substance abuse problem is high, or is on a binge, it becomes obvious to those around them that someone isn’t right. They act weird and strange; they often do not seem like the person they really are. This can cause serious stress on any kind of friendship.A substance abuse problem affects most things in an emotional sense. Substances, however they are used, can cause mood changes and mood swings. Sometimes those with an drug abuse problem can be violent and abuse. When friends see someone acting like this, they can easily become confused. The person that they know and love is not someone who will spew harmful words and act violently toward them. These mood swings and violent tendencies can bruise and batter friendships in multiple ways. Because friendships are voluntary, those who are experiencing a friend with a substance abuse drug addiction can walk. While they may find it hard to leave someone behind, they may not be able to take any more.

The only thing worse than an obvious substance abuse problem is a hidden one. Friends who see someone with a hidden substance abuse problem can only see the after affects of the actual problem itself. Because they do not understand that substance abuse is the cause of this action, they feel as if the person they know has completely changed. Because they do not know of any outside issues, they feel that this person has just changed as an individual, and will feel that they have lost that friend entirely. Substance abuse, successfully hidden or not, can harm and ruin friendships.