Average Cost of Addiction Treatment


The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services administration has released a report that shows how much addiction treatment programs typically cost. The average price of treatment for alcoholism and drug abuse in an outpatient treatment facility was $1433 in 2002. The average cost of residential addiction treatment that same year was $3840 per person. SAMHSA also reported that methadone outpatient treatment cost an average of $7415. These numbers break down to $26.72 for each visit in typical outpatient addiction treatment, and $17.78 for the typical visit to a methadone clinic.

While these figures seem very expensive to many addicts and their families, it is much more affordable than the alternative of continuing to suffer with alcoholism and drug abuse. A few thousand dollars is a small price to pay to get ones life back. The administrator of SAMHSA, Charles Curie, pointed out the various expenses associated with remaining in a lifestyle of addiction. Addicts often spend more money on legal expenses and bail, getting foster care for their children, and paying medical bills for the health problems associated with alcohol and drug abuse. After getting treatment, many addicts are also able to return to work or work more, which will also offset the cost.

Patients can pay less for their addiction treatment program by choosing a certain type of facility. Private rehab centers are generally the most expensive by far. Those run by non-profit organizations or government agencies tend to be much more affordable. However, it’s also important to keep in mind that the level of quality care offered is very important in choosing addiction treatment. While cost is certainly a factor, choosing a rehab center simply because it’s the cheapest can lead to further addiction problems in the future. Try to choose a facility that is both effective and within the budget. Many insurance plans and Medicaid cover addiction treatment programs.