Substance Abuse Resources in Oklahoma for tackling Drug and Alcohol Abuse

The state of Oklahoma has a vast array of treatment resources to tackle its alcoholism and substance abuse problem. Treatment in Oklahoma for these problems does not simply mean outpatient treatment methods or rehabs. There is much more to treatment, which is particularly designed keeping individual interests and requirements in mind. The following are some of the treatment approaches that are used for drug and alcohol abuse in Oklahoma.

Outpatient counseling treatment – This is the least aggressive form of addiction treatment in Oklahoma where people are treated through regular counseling sessions for up to three to four hours a day.

Detoxification programs – The detoxification program in Oklahoma is an inpatient treatment mode where the person is biologically cleansed for metabolites produced in the body because of the addictive substance and withdrawal symptoms are addressed.

Aftercare treatment – Aftercare treatment typically follows a detox program in Oklahoma. This part of the treatment is mainly about alcoholism and substance abuse awareness and about relapse prevention methods. Motivational therapy and family counseling programs are part of this treatment pattern.

Residential program – Residential program is the most aggressive addiction treatment program in Oklahoma. This treatment involves relocating the person in an inpatient treatment center for some period of time in a community setting so that the person can be medically treated and then counseled for treatment. This program can run from six months to a year or even more.

Addiction awareness programs – Education about alcoholism and drug addiction is a major part of the entire treatment program in Oklahoma. The main intention is to make young people and adults aware of the perils of addiction and to make them understand that treatment modes are available.